Doctor Tam Mateo ND on Cancer Cause and Cure

This is an article from the website of PITAHC under the Philippine Department of Health in their section Ask the Expert.  In this issue they interview Dr. Tam Mateo, the first Philippine Naturopath.


This Issue’s Expert: Tam Mateo, N.D.


Do you have a natural program for cancer? Please advise.

Cancer Defined

Cancer is a full-term incubation of toxin within the entire system which is the result of continuous poisoning of the entire system for more than a decade.

Causes of Cancer

People develop the disease without knowing it. They say that if your family runs with this kind of disease then you are likely to develop the same disease. In my practice as a Naturopath, I have learned that only 20% of the cases are of genetic origin, the remaining 80% have unhealthy lifestyle as the cause, which they have adopted from their own families, and this is the primary reason why family members develop the same kind of disease. I would say that there are two major ways to develop this disease: 1) food addiction and 2) stress. The quality of food people are consuming today can also trigger the development of this disease. Meats are filled with growth hormones, processed foods are filled with excitotoxins – these are but few factors of developing cancer.

At-risk of Cancer

Everybody is at-risk of developing cancer, but if they are willing to start changing their lifestyle, I could guarantee them 100% that they can be free from developing any kind of disease.

Natural Approach for Management of Cancer

As a Naturopath, I mainly recognize the healing ability within the system. We have to go directly or trace the problem to its root or main source. All the people suffering from this disease has a blood abnormality because the blood can no longer function normally to produce quality cells – to produce adenosinetriphosphate (ATP).

In tracing the root, we have to eliminate the old fecal deposits and toxins within the entire system through a process of detoxification. Then we provide the body with nutrients that would help the cellular DNA to create healthy cells. L-Lysine, L-Proline, organic Vitamin C, superoxide dismutase (SOD), anti-oxidants and metaloprotenase enzyme are supplemented to enhance the blood to produce quality cells that will dominate the dying ones and fight cancer cells, then natural healing will follow.

Preventing Cancer Naturally

People who develop cancer or any kind of disease mean that they are unhealthy. In order to prevent cancer or any kind of disease, you have to be healthy, plain and simple. People should learn as well as be educated enough to know and learn the cause and effect of every unhealthy habit they formed. The good news I want to leave is that people who doesn’t like to eat good nutritious food and are annoyed with its taste will have a chance to like it because our taste chemistry can be changed. With the help of God, you can do it especially when it is for our own good health. This is the legacy I want to leave, that people could possibly live without having any kind of disease. I fully commit myself in educating them about health, and people can come to me and learn.

About the Expert:

Tam Mateo, ND, the first Filipino Naturopathic Doctor, is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist. With his experience, with his wife as a cancer survivor, he has committed his life in educating the people in line with health and has been a Health Crusader for more than fifteen (15) years. He wants to leave a legacy in challenging people that they could possibly live a life without any disease.

He is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health (formerly Alabama College of Natural Healing) in Alabama, USA. Before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, he was a registered Respiratory Therapist at North Hollywood Medical and Dental School, California, USA.

For twenty-one (21) years, he worked as a successful businessman in the United States. His last fourteen years (14) in the US were spent as a medical missionary and a Health Crusader.

He is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA); Association of American Nutritional Consultant (AANC); and the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM). He is also the CEO of Living Food Philippines, Inc. as well as the President of Dr. Tam Vegetarian Association of the Philippines and the Kaalamang Pangkalusugan Foundation.

As a Health Crusader, he still continues his service in educating the people through radio programs, seminars and the like.

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  1. Carlos C. Galvez says:

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    I have a bleeding ulcer. I pass out (no less than 7 times) every time I have an attack. Lately, it seems that my pacreas is already affected since my blood sugar soared up and so with goutal arthritis. I fear that my other system might be affected later if I continue to use synthetic medicine, in what way your herbal medicine helps me?

    Thanks !


  2. Hello Dr. Tam I always watching Salamat Doc. paano po makanili ng Live Green at Miracle tea interested lang kami bumili thanks.

  3. anu po ba ang pwedeng gamutr sa hep b non inectius

  4. sha coquia says:

    hello doc, i read and heard about your product. my husband diagnosed last mach 2010 pancreatic cancer stage 3. he undergone whipples procedure last marc 8, 2010. and then on last April 2011 it was found that there were nodes in his liver which turn into liver metastasis (cancer stage 4) and already spread in his stomach. now his suffering for stomarch and back pains… super pains… can your miracle tea helped him back his normal health. please help us… God Bless.

    cp no. 09286300250

  5. nina santos sicat says:

    good day po, doc ask qo lang po sana kung pwede sa anak qo na 1yr old un live green at miracle tea, may celebral palsy po kasi sya, anu po ba ang dapat sa kanya? thank you…

  6. hello dr. tam. pano po ba makakabili ng live green?i interested lang kami bumili..san po kami makakbili?

  7. im a breast cancer stage 4 patient..gusto kong maka avail ng gamot kay dr. tam.. Live green ciguro gusto ko…pls help me..saan maka order at saan magbayad..tnx so much!

  8. kindly help me to avail this mga gamot sa breast cancer ko..pls contact me in my cp no. 09261481255…salamat po..

  9. kibtiya uddin says:

    Dear Dr Tam,

    Hi doc! I was diagnosed to have breast cancer last March 2011. After modified radical mastectomy, I underwent chemotherapy. Since my ER and PR result is negative, I have no maintenance.

    I heard about your product through my sister and she convinced me to attend your seminar. I read your leaflets especially on the effects of live green. I bought your product and started taking live green. But I’m worried when I read about the side effects of alfalfa in the internet. It says
    “Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Alfalfa might have the same effects as the female hormone estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by exposure to estrogen, don’t use alfalfa.”

    I’m confused now, and my sister insisted that you have plenty of breast cancer survivors using live breen…hope to hear from you the soonest possible time….

    cp: 09274836672

  10. doc, my has hepa c, nkuha daw nya ito ng last blood transfusion nya, she was admitted in the hospital for renal failure..maramin po syang gamot na iniinom pra kidney, sa liver at gamot sa breast cancer…naawa na po ako kasi imbes ma enjoy nya pa nya pension nya ay napupunta lng sa mga gamot..ano po ba alternative medicine pra dito saan po nabibili and live green at miracle tea., nasa cebu po kami naninnirahan..thanks

  11. godofredo galang says:

    hi doc
    n operahan mo ako s colon and lever sbi po ng doc ko kailagan ko daw mag chemo therapy malaking halaga daw po ang gagastusin.. meron po b kyong ibang pwdeding eh recomend bukod po s chemo therapy marami pong salamat more power…

  12. saturnino ocampo says:

    hello doc yong asawakopo ay nadiagnos breast cancer kumalat na sabuto ang cancer sa ngayon ang gamot nya ay b17 immuno drops ang tablet ang once amonth sumeta tanong kulang doc kung ok ba tong mga gamot naeto maraming salamat doc,

  13. rosavilla jao says:

    Gud evening dr.tam..
    My son was diagnosed with brain mass.but for further evaluation the doctor requested for an mri. The mass grow about 3cm in a month. The doctor said its cancerous. He’s to undergo operation but to no assurance.. doc,plz advise us.. thank you..
    Hirs po my cp#09079918718

  14. emmalyn tordilla says:

    i have a cyst in my LEFT ovary fist size around 9 cm. doctors said surgery is the last options. im nervous its a major surgery. doc im thinking to try your advise first before ANY surgICAL PROCEDURE

  15. gusto ko po i reccomend kayo sa friend ko na may cancer na cobalt na sya tapos may tumubo tumor malapit sa liver nag undergo na sya ng scan sa tyan at lungs so far wala pa raw don kaya lang ang tumor malapit sa liver ay parang di na pwede operahan dahil mabilis an tubo sana matulungan nyo sya ang prob wala sya internet kaya sa sa akin dadaan ang msg mo para sa kanya advised ng dr. pumunta kay fr suarez ako naman magpatingin sayo baka mabigyan mo po rin sya ng lakas ng loob at pag asa.

  16. anonymous says:

    doc posible bang my lunas sa hepatitis b?

  17. mababa po ang hemoglobin ko… ano po ang dapat kong kainin o inumin?

  18. Edenrisa edwardine Ida chua says:

    Good day doc!
    Hope you could help me with my ailments. In 2010, I was diagnose with severe asthma( super hyper sensitive) and acid reflux, 2011, heart prolapse and now I have cyst in my breast and cyst in my ovary. I am always constipated, always stress with too much work, and insomniac. I elliminate pork and beef although I still eat chicken and fish. I believe I have a low immune system that’s why I easily get sick. Please email me soon on food plans, and suppliments to take( miracle tea or live greens) I am super thin already, I guess this is due to my asthma I don’t know if the miracle tea will be good for me because I drink before the guyabano tea and after 5 glass of the tea I felt I was a dehydrated. I felt light headed and thanks to getorade, I felt relieve.
    I was thinking that I have a problem with my colon because everytime I deficate, ” parang nangangayayat ako” I did a colon test which is fiber sygmoygoscophy( I don’t know if the name is right) and it turned out to be negative with colon problems.
    Anyway, thank you. I hope you could reply soon. God bless!

  19. Cure Library says:

    Magdikdik ka ng talbos ng kamote na hilaw isang tali na limang piso. Dagdagan ng isang cup ng tubig. Inum ka 2x a day.

  20. gen nelia magsayo says:

    dear dr. tam,
    good day po sa inyo..
    doc,my mother in-law was just operated a month ago bcoz of breast cancer…now,she asked me to ask you what are medicines,or product from you that shes going to take…she wants to know what that products are…now,shes taking live green and eating natural food like vegetables and fruits..


  21. gen nelia magsayo says:

    sana po mabigyan nyo po kami ng mga list sa mga foods at medicine..thnks po..
    thnks and good bless…

  22. pls doc help me want to know what should i do kumikirot palagi sa sakit ang tuhod ko……. mga ilang taon na akong di kumakain ng mga karne…

  23. Would like to ask for for help was diagnosed with edometriosis this year i was operated due to ovarian cysts, now im taking yasmin pills….to control my endometriosis…please is there an alternative way….to treat this kind of abnormalities in my uterus??? I dont want to take synthethic drug all my life due to its adverse effect . Already skip diary, meat, chicken,,,,jfried food…..Just fish and veggies….Im now 40 yrs old. please help! 09228722382-

  24. Dear Dr.Tam

    Sir magandang umaga po sa inyo ako po c Leo meron lang po ako tanong sa inyo…gusto ko pong i konsulta ang aking father in law na meron lung cancer stage4 tingin nyo po my pag asa pang humaba ang buhay nya?palagi pong nanakit ang mga laman nya…halos hindi na po sya makatayo sa higaan nya.ano po ba ang magandang alternative medecine na pwede makagaling sa kanya?56 years old po sya sa ngayon..ano po ba ang magandang mai advise nyo para sa kanya?balak ko po dalin sya sa inyo as soon as possible po..makakaasa po ako na masagot nyo lahat ng mga katanungan ko.maraming salamat po Doc.Tam..Godbless!sana po meron kayong time na mag email sa akin

  25. magandang gabi po, ako po c yehlaine, taga bacolod po, ung mama ko po ay nadiagnose ng bone cancer, my bukol po sa paa nya, sanhi para hindi xa makaupo ng maayos pinagsabihan napo kmi na magpakemo… hindi po namin kaya ang ganung gamutan… malaking tulong po ang maibibigay nyong advice para sa amin…pag my panahon po kayo pakiemail nlang po ung mungkahi ninyo… maraming maraming salaamt po

  26. Judith A. Suquib says:

    Dear Dr.Tam,

    Na diagnosed po ako na may breast cancer stage III after undergoing a core needle biopsy. Hindi pa ako na operahan kasi e remove yong right boob ko at saka mag chemo for six months costing 400,000.00 pesos.

    Puydi ba hindi lang ako mag pa opera at saka hindi po ako mag pa chemo kasi decided to avail your natural healing treatment.Puydi ba yon ..Am i right in my decision?

    How to avail your medicines and where to buy? I am here in Cebu City. Wants to hear more of your suggestions. This is my email ad

    Thank you

  27. grace delos reye says:

    doc. napapnuod ko po kau dti sa chanel 23.
    nging intersado ako sa show mo, ngaun po di ko alam na kakailanganin ko ang tulong nyo
    ang kapati ko po, ay nadiagnose na my ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LUEKEMIA.
    DOC. anu pong pwede nyong maituro sa amin para maagapan ang sakit ng kapatid ko??

    nangangailangan po kami ng malaking halaga pra sa therapy ngaun po wla pa kaming ngagawa para sa kapatid ko.maari po ba nio kming matulungan..

  28. bing galeno says:

    Doc where can i buy your product in Bacolod, hoping for your early response.

  29. Ang sister ko po isang almost 2 weeks na dinugo sobrang lakas, nang magpa check up siya and sabi ng doctor may nakitanfg mga bukol sa matres niya at pinayuhan na mag pa opera. Tanong ko lang po kung ano herbal med and mai recommend mo na maaari niyan i-try?

    Salamat po.

  30. Diana Thomson says:

    Dr.Tam na diagnos po ako ng cervical cancer stage 1b tapos sabi ng doctor magkaroon dw ako ng total hysterectomy surgery pero ipa pet scan ako muna next week kung nag spread ba ang cancer cells .ano po ba ang ma recommend mo sa akin na best medicine kasi i feel very scared for the operation .im here in australia saan ba pwede makabili gusto ko tlaga mag try ng medicine mo. pls answer as soon as possible .maraming salamat

  31. Dr.Tam na diagnos po ako ng cervical cancer stage 1b tapos sabi ng doctor magkaroon dw ako ng total hysterectomy surgery pero ipa pet scan ako muna next week kung nag spread ba ang cancer cells .ano po ba ang ma recommend mo sa akin na best medicine kasi i feel very scared for the operation .im here in australia saan ba pwede makabili gusto ko tlaga mag try ng medicine mo. pls answer as soon as possible .pls email me maraming salamat

  32. Dear DR. Tom
    I, an OFW in KSA was diagnosed of rectum cancer stage 3-A in yr 2009, underwent laparotamy & anterior resection and radiotherapy, took chemotherapy drugs of Oxyplatine and and Xeloda. In Sept. 2011, my cancer was elevated to stage 4 spreading at lungs, abdomen and thyroid the lungs, and took 8 sessions of chemotheraphy irrinotican and 21 sessions of tageted drug theraphy cetuximab. After my CEA test, it resulted to normal at below 2.5 ng/ml and CAP CT Scan marked no tumor presence. After cetuximab holiday of 5 months, my CEA test was elevated again to 8.5 ng/ml and CAP CT Scan showed that lungs and abdomen are affected again.Last July, I’m now taking again irrinotican and cetuximab. I need your advice very badly. Nasa bakasyon po ang aking kaibigan at pakukuha ko ang mga gamot na recomendado nyo. Maraming salamat po sa inyong tulong maihahatid p s akin. More power to you and your office, sir doc.

  33. gud eve doc.Tam!nahihirapan po kasi dumumi ang mister ko pero di dhil constipated xa kasi sumasakit naman po talaga ang tiyan niya,un nga lang di po nya kaya ilabas dahil di po nag oopen ung pwet nya.napupu po siya pero unti lang at my dugo kasama unti.anu po kaya tawag sa sakit nya n yun at anu po lunas dun.nagtake n siya ng gamot like dulcolax.kumain n rin xa ng papaya,marami uminom ng tubig at nagbawas siya ng pagkain pero wala pagbabago.two brothers niya were already had an operation with the same cause.possible po ba maoperahan din siya.namamana po ba talaga ang sakit na ito.His brothers were 34 when they undergone operation,my husband is now 34 n kasi,my kinalaman po ba ito sa nararamdaman niya?
    im hoping for your reply po.Maraming salamat doc.Please help us.

  34. im also interested to your live green po.san po nakakabili nito at how much po?tnx po.

  35. Hi Dr. Tam, I really need your advise.
    Meron po akong bilateral ovarian cysts nasa 4 to 5cm po parehas, with endometriosis, adenomysis and per result ng ultrasound.. naka dikit po both my ovaries sa side ng uterus.. Laparotomy daw po ang best solution.. doc navideo lap na po ako 2 years ago dahil din sa bilateral ovarian cysts.. Kaya pa po ba ito paliitin at eventullay pagalingin yung Cysts and endo ko? Im trying to conceive narin po.. 30 na po ako.. thanks doc! =)

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