Avocado leaves tea cures debilitating kidney pain

I helped cure a man named Peter of debilitating kidney pain. He couldn’t go out to work. He was a driver.

I found out he was a big cooked meat eater. He was already drinking coconut juice and drinking banaba tea. But to no avail.

I told Peter that he needed to cut down on meat, buy himself a colon cleanser like Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and drink Avocado leaves tea for his kidney cleanse.

Peter was too poor to buy himself the Miracle Tea which cost only P 1,500. But the avocado leaves were free from the trees around his house.

Avocado leaves tea can be made with 7 big avocado leaves in 2 liters of filtered water. Allow to boil for 10 to 15 minutes. The tea will be yellow, orange or red. Drink this tea for 10 days and this will cleans your kidneys.

That’s what Peter did and in just 3 days he was back to work.

Avocado leaves tea

Read how this avocado leaves tea is made at the CureManual.

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  1. i have tried this and the effect is so amazing…i have read that avocado leaves are also good in fertility cleansing.

  2. oscarrincon says:

    hi i was reading about avocado tea and i have a question the tea do i drink it hot or cold?

  3. raymond alimario says:

    is it relly effective?

  4. raymond alimario says:

    is it really effective?

  5. Cure Library says:

    yes it is

  6. I love this tea and use to drink it alot when I was young. I recently started drinking it again especially when I don’t have tea bags. The tea taste great with fever grass

  7. is it okey for dialysis patients to take avocado tea? thanks.

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